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Jubilee Fun and Conquering Dairy Fear

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LONG LIVE OUR NOBLE QUEEN and other such patriotic exclamations, this weekend was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and double bank holiday bonanza here in Britain, which meant…

TOTALLY NOT VEGAN, NOT HEALTHY, NOT NUTRITIOUS IN ANY WAY VICTORIA SPONGE CAKE, WOO !!! Complete with no less than four eggs, and butter, and milk. And sugar, but that scares me but for different reasons.

You see, I still haven’t had cheese or milk since I ‘stopped’ being vegan. Crayfish, yes, and a scoop of ice-cream at a restaurant, but overall my relationship with non-vegan food items has been strained to say the least. I’ve given myself Dairy Fear. It’s time for drastic action, because cheese is awesome and should be consumed with vigour and pleasure, not avoided for reasons I’m not even sure I understand.

So what better way to kick this quasi-vegan lifestyle I find myself living in the face than celebrating Our Gracious Queen’s 60th year as monarch with probably the most patriotic cake you ever ate, complete with British-grown blueberries and strawberries ? And sparklers and little music boxes that play ‘Rule Britannia’ when you cut yourself a slice. And a guard of miniature Beefeaters. And corgis, tally ho !

You absolutely must have this cake with a cup of tea or you will prosecuted for treason. It’s the law in England.

Me and Gareth are currently sitting side by side in my bed, drinking tea. He is reading the paper and I am updating my blog. We’re so middle class, or at least we would be if I weren’t a student. Yesterday we went to [the most awkward] street party [in the world – “Would you like some cake ?” I said to a nearby small boy. “We’re not allowed cake until after lunch,” I was told, very sternly indeed. Well, that’s the last time I offer my baking efforts to children in an attempt to make friends]. I ate two slices of the above cake (after lunch, obviously) before going on a panic run for an hour in the pouring rain, made awesome by my excessive levels of sugar and patriotism. I love Britain, God save the Queen, who looked fab in her golden dress at the Jubilee tribute concert.

In other news, I finished second year. Cue do-absolutely-totally-fucken-NOTHING days such as yesterday where my boyfriend works for his keep morning til night…

…and I watch terrible, terrible films (yesterday I chose Mean Girls and Bad Teacher) and make elaborate baking plans, to which I subject him when he gets home from his shift.

I’ve got some mozzarella in the fridge with which I am going to make pizza later.

Amy x