Accidentally Still Vegan (and other weird things I do)

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So a bizarre thing appears to have happened…

Shortly after finishing the Vegan Month, I went to the supermarket, it being Sunday and having emptied my fridge of fresh greens (something I like to keep in stock at all times or I start to feel… I don’t know, unclean or something). Towards the end of the last week my body (or my brain, one or the other) was starting to crave cheese and eggs quite unrelentingly, probably as a result of being able to see the end of the 30-day vegan challenge drawing tantalisingly closer. Sunday was the day I was to finally allow myself to eat all the things that I had for some reason banned over the course of the last 4 weeks. There was still half a carton of soy milk in my fridge to use up but ultimately I went shopping with an array of creamy, cheesy, gooey, squishy dishes filling my mind, intending to fill my basket with as many dairy products that I could possibly get my hands on…

… 2o minutes later I was walking out of the supermarket with another carton of soy milk and a bag full of vegetables. Not a piece of cheese or an egg in sight.

The weird thing is, on that Sunday I ate a salmon fillet for lunch and a crayfish salad for dinner. I have since that day eaten another crayfish salad, and yet still have not felt compelled to consume cheese or milk.

Turns out I’m a vegan who eats sea-life. Is that a thing ? I think I’m going to have to stop labelling myself before I get yelled at by all the omnivores. I’m not averse to eating dairy anymore,  I just haven’t felt the urge to. But I was really craving fish, so I ate some.

In other news, the weather has been gorgeous and I have had an insatiable desire to eat as much sweet, juicy fruit as I can lay my hands upon. I’ve made my way through two mangoes this week, as well as several apples and my habitual daily banana. Yesterday I bought a punnet of dark, ripe plums of which I have polished off half, and a pineapple, whose tropical yellow flesh I have yet to sink my teeth into.

Summer is awesome.

Amy x


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