Dairy-free Tea Party

KP came to visit. She is my best friend, other half of our band, KP and Squizz and she turned 21 on Monday ! (Happy Birthday, KP !) There was only one thing for it. Dairy-free tea party !

Yes. A dairy-free tea party with presents, four different types of tea, jam, soy buttercream, raspberries, scones (rustic cupcakes that I intended this time to be scones, ie. bigger) and banana muffins from Joy the Baker‘s banana mango bread recipe minus the mango and plus some dried fruit and seeds.

A dairy-free tea party that escalated into dairy-free vodka lemonades in The Mashtun…

Dairy-free mojitos and japanese food in Pompoko…

Dairy-free tequila and blueberry vodka in The Pav Tav…

Dairy-free cocktails in The Twisted Lemon…

More dairy-free drinks and excellent (hideous) dancing in Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar…

Oh, and then a visit to the all-night Market Diner café, which was dairy-free because I was too drunk and too tired to eat or drink anything even if they’d had soy (I didn’t think it appropriate to ask).

I pondered the practicality of a soy White Russian. I had to pass on a delicious-sounding cocktail entitled ‘Banoffee Pie’ because it was made with cream. I almost ordered one until Alex kindly pointed out that my crazy new diet restriction would not allow it. Then Will had two and I have to say I eyed them wistfully. And now as the hangover slowly nibbles away at my good humour all I want to do is fry myself up a couple of eggs BUT I CAN’T BECAUSE I’M A FECKING VEGAN THIS MONTH.

I cycled to university and felt like utter death. The lid to my salt shaker fell off while I was cooking and thus emptied its entire contents into my sautéed spinach and kale recovery lunch, rendering it totally inedible. I think I must have consumed about a million calories in cakes and alcohol. Me and KP had a conversation about chocolate Philadelphia in the car on the way home and I died a little inside at the thought of having to wait a month to try some.

The saga continues, the plot thickens, the challenge goes on.

Oh, also, we apparently climbed into an olive grove at some point during the evening. I remember none of this…

Never Drinking Again


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