Going Vegan

Yep. That’s what I’m doing, for the next month at least anyway.

It isn’t unknown that I’m somewhat of a vegetarian and have been for the past 10 years; what started off as an earnest adolescent assertion that animals were our equals and that we must stand up for their rights has since become watered down – I have eaten meat on occasion during my teenage years but I can honestly say now I no longer enjoy it and definitely do not miss it. I have however recently resolved to eat more fish, mainly because I just was not getting the protein I needed from my diet.

So I’m a pretty shoddy vegetarian. Actually I’ve stopped really referring to myself as such because people tend to get a bit sanctimonious about it, especially omnivores ! It’s like they love to see a veggie ‘fail’, as it were, because they themselves aren’t capable of a little self-restraint and are jealous of the fact that you choose and are able to live your life a little differently. Truth is, I just don’t eat mammals that much. Which happens to be none of the time. Sometimes aquamarine-life passes my lips. Get over it, what I do and do not put in my mouth is my choice.

Have any other veggies out there experienced the hawk-eyes and acid-tongues of the meat-eater, poised and ready to pounce on anything you do that could possibly be deemed a sacrilege against a ‘religion’ that was only opposed upon you by them in the first place ?

So I’m not going vegan for any moral reasons; as outlined above, they withered and died a long time ago. I actually agree with the notion of the food chain and I totally advocate the eating of animal products, as long as obtaining them doesn’t become unnecessarily cruel. I just don’t like the taste of most of them, personally.

Truth is, I don’t know whether being meat, fish and dairy free is a healthier diet choice than my current one, or anybody else’s. Sure, you cut out the saturated fat found in a lot of dairy and meat products – by default I will not be allowed to eat cheese, ice-cream, chocolate, milk, eggs – but what about nutrition ? Calcium, vitamin B12, iron and vitamin D are just some of the nutrients that are either difficult or impossible to get from non-animal sources (at least, this is what I’ve read and by all means correct me if I’m wrong).

I just wanna do it, see if I can. To be honest, I just feel like a bit of a detox – I went back on to real milk as opposed to soy during training, and months of carb-loading and generally stuffing my face to enable all my exercising has taken its toll on my appetite. Basically, it’s gone. Which is very unlike me.

Maybe afterwards I’ll become a raw foodist…

In other news, its been a few days since the marathon and I’m still feeling a bit fragile, but recovering nicely; ie. my leg muscles have ceased their constant burning sensation and I am now able to walk/stand/get up and down stairs at a vaguely human pace and with minimal pain. I’m eager to get back into regular long-distance running – I’ve already written out my next training regime and am hoping to get out on the road for a nice 20 minuter tomorrow (that’s minuter, not miler). Except I’m looking forward to not having to do the training; not being bound to it – not that I’m planning on skiving, but I mean I’m happier about not having a 3 month goal that means having to force up my calorie intake in order to guarantee success. I can just eat what I want, when I want as opposed to having to eat breakfast, this snack here, that snack there if I’m not hungry, and if that means only being able to run for half an hour instead of an hour then that’s fine, I’m running for me and my enjoyment now.

I love the purpose and structure running gave my life and am unwilling to give that up. So we’ll just see where this takes my body and my appetite. I lost a dress and a bra size during training so I’m not especially excited to see that creep up again !

So expect a continued stream of running blogs, and of course an array of tasty vegan recipes, at least for the next month as of next week when I’ve used up all the non-vegan stuff in my kitchen (including an as of yet unopened Dairy Milk easter egg – shouldn’t be too much hard work to ‘use up’ that by Monday).

Happy Spring (from a grey and drizzly Brighton)

Amy x


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  1. Good luck with going vegan! I started just a few months ago and I have never felt better. Totally worth it! For me, it certainly didn’t make me lose weight or anything, but I feel lighter and more energetic than before. Have fun!


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