Carbophobia II: Green Pizza


Wholewheat pizza dough
Goat’s cheese
Walnut pesto

For those who aren’t partial to a bit of pomodoro, or just fancy a pomodoro-less pizza today. Or if, like me, you have loads of green vegetables in your fridge just begging for their vitamins and minerals to be put to good use. Or if your favourite colour is green (mine is !)

You can use any pesto. It just happens that I have walnuts, and no pine nuts.

Makes 1 medium pizza – make sure you roll the dough out nice and thin, not just to ensure it cooks properly but in order to fit more tasty tasty vegetables on top ! At 640 calories for the lot this pizza is so angelic you can eat the whole thing in one go, and it’s nutritionally complete so you can have it on its own, or with a rocket salad to garnish (in case you hadn’t already reached greens-overload).

How to make Green Pizza

For the dough:

65g wholemeal flour

Pinch of salt

1 tsp yeast

Sprinkle of sugar

1 tsp olive oil

40ml warm water

For the topping:

25g soft mild goat’s cheese

1/2 mozzarella ball (about 60g)

Handful each of broccoli and asparagus, roughly chopped

¼ jar artichoke hearts in oil

For the pesto:

15g walnuts

1 small clove of garlic

2 or 3 generous pinches of fresh basil

2 tsps olive oil

2 tsps parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper

To garnish:

Rocket salad

What to do:

Add yeast, oil and sugar to hand-hot water (between hot and lukewarm), stir and leave to stand

Mix flour and salt, pile up in bowl and make a well in the centre

Pour liquid into well and bring in flour from sides with a fork, then use your hands to form a dough

Knead until springy and no longer sticky (add a dusting of flour if too wet; a drop of water if too dry but don’t overcompensate !)

Place in floured bowl, cover with damp cloth and leave to rise for 1 hour

After an hour the dough should have doubled in size. Knead again and roll out onto floured surface

Transfer to foiled and oiled baking tray

Preheat oven to 190 degrees

Make the pesto. Crush walnuts and garlic finely. Blend with other pesto ingredients

Spread thinly across pizza base (it may not look like a lot but don’t worry, pesto has a very rich flavour)

Tear mozzarella and lay over pesto base

Brush broccoli and asparagus with a tiny bit of olive oil and scatter onto pizza

Dot goat’s cheese and a few artichokes around surface

Season with black pepper

Bake for 10-15 minutes

En-to-the-joy, my pretty ones.

Amy x


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