What I ate last week pt. 4

Before we take a look at the food diary, children, let me regale you with a story…

The other evening while having tea and chats with my friends, Hannah and Jamie, I made quite a shocking discovery about the nature of my person. We all attempted at first to reconsider our conclusion, slightly repulsed by the reality of it, but alas our efforts were in vain and we were eventually forced to accept that it is inescapably true that I am… I’m not quite sure how to tell you this… it took me a little while to assimilate the news… I’m sorry to be the one to have to break it to you… take a deep breath now…

I am a hippie. And this is why:

I’m a vegetarian
I don’t wash my hair
I enjoy the taste of lentils, avocados, porridge, and green tea (although not all mixed together)
I’m a student
I play the cello
I do yoga
I abstain from regular hair removal practices (on my legs and underarms only, let’s be sensible now)
I buy my clothes from second-hand shops
I don’t wear makeup (in the day)
I shop at farmer’s markets
I’m an artist
I earn my money by teaching the cello, also by sponging off the government
I play the guitar and write my own songs
I walk 3 miles to uni instead of getting public transport/driving
I live in Brighton

There. I’ve said it. Now let’s all calmly get on with our lives and never speak of this fact again.

Now that that’s out of my system I can get on with the matter in hand:

Here’s what I ate this week, in all its glory.

I lost count of the number of cups of tea and coffee I drank...

Amy x


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  1. You LOVE the fact that you’re a hippie, don’t deny it! xx


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