Fig Jam

You remember the dried fig bites ? Well, they weren’t very nice (I thought they’d be sweeter than they turned out to be) SO, naturally, I looked up things to do with dried figs.

And found this by Martha Stewart. I just think her name sounds great in a food blog, y’know, “Martha Stewart !” in my best New Jersey accent (she’s from New Jersey, I assume her accent is a New Jersey one, anyhow, try saying ‘Martha Stewart’ how Martha Stewart speaks, it’s fun, I promise).

Having been inspired by the artful picture on the recipe linked above, I thought that the perfect way to beautify my figgy creation would be to store it in a cute little jar, perhaps even with a doily or a homemade label. All very quaint and bohemian in its simplicity, I thought …

… Cue me frantically rooting around outside our house in the recycling trying to find an empty jar that wasn’t coated from the inside with mouldy peanut butter or some other unidentifiable substance. Not quite as effective a portrayal of boho domestic goddess that I had in mind. More like crazy rubbish stealing, jar-hoarding hippie who probably has too many cats and force-feeds her housemates strange conserves and the like (I never understood why having an abundance of cats is synonymous with being mental but it seems to work here, although I don’t have any cats, just lots of figs).

Not my cat...

After a few disparaging looks from passers-by I relented my search and walked into town to buy some. Consumerism, 1; Amy, 0 once again.

Fig Jam

(I didn’t adapt this recipe at all, except change the quantities in vague, prehistoric cup measurements into numbers that British humans are able to understand and follow.)

You need:

360ml water

280g dried figs

3 tablespoons sugar

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

What to do:

Stem (if necessary) and chop the figs into small pieces

Put into saucepan with water and sugar and bring to the boil, stirring occasionally

Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes. The figs should be soft and most of the liquid should have evaporated. (After 20 minutes the figs were indeed soft, but I let it go for another 5 minutes because the mixture was still quite watery. Also, at this point ‘Paper Doll’ by Fleetwood Mac came on my shuffle and I had myself a little figgy boogie around the kitchen. Literally everyone I know has gone out tonight but sadly I hath not the funds… so I’m dancing alone in my kitchen, making fig jam and blogging about it. Although dancing is not essential to the recipe…)

Transfer to blender; add lemon juice. Blend until smooth (you can add a few drops more water if the consistency is too thick).

Put in the cute little jars you may or may not have pilfered from your neighbour’s recycling box (as already mentioned, I didn’t do this, I got mine from a charity shop, I feel this makes me slightly less of a cripplingly weird person).

So, not only does my house now smell delightfully of warm fig, this whole lot of jam contains 443 calories in total, which means if you get 10 servings out of it, each one is 44.3 calories. Although I definitely think you could get more. Not bad !

I’m so excited (again, we come back to the unnecessary food-over-excitement from which I er… suffer) to eat this with a bit of goat’s cheese and rocket on wholemeal or rye.

One could also make homemade fig rolls… a treat to which my father is known to be partial. I smell a student-budget-homemade-Christmas-present brewing !

Amy x


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  1. You should totally make fig rolls with this!

  2. How long does this keep for? Do you think it would work with dried apricots? I might have to try it…

    • I was wondering that myself, I have absolutely no idea how long it keeps for. I mean I keep dried fruit open for yonks and it doesn’t seem to go bad. This is a trial and error thing for me, I am just going to keep delving into it until I spy mould (my usual go-to method for any food, I’m still alive so I guess it works :P)
      I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with apricots ! x


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