What I ate last week pt. 3

Can you see the apple cake ?! I had SIX PIECES...

Here is last week’s food diary for you (I bought a sketchbook – bye bye, medium-ruled, hello, class).

It was a busy week. We got a new carpet in our living room, which in our house is upstairs because that’s where the biggest room is. So mine being the second biggest (first in the house on move-in day, boo-yah) we had to store all the furniture in there while the carpet was being fitted. Cue a fun few days of moving a sofa and two armchairs up and down our incredibly narrow staircase. Nightmare. (See the picture of me there trapped under the armchair like some sort of comfy turtle.) Also did a bit of guinea-pig-sitting for my friends over the road while they tried to hide any traces of sawdust for their landlord inspection, so he had to fit in amongst the chaos somewhere too. Hectic !

So here’s a non-food-related “DIY furniture removal” compilation for you. (Photography by Tom Burton.)

I’ve already made a menu plan for next week. Obviously it’s pretty angelic at the moment but as always, it is subject to change. Planned Cake is boring. Spontaneity Pie is where the pleasure lies. I bought these amazing dried fig bite things in the expensive convenience store in Victoria Station on a whim, well, mainly because on the front is the slogan “Food for Health” – how could I honestly refuse ?! Very much looking forward to these.

Also my Graze box is coming on Tuesday, yay ! Use this code: 7N1PQH2 if you’ve never had Graze before to get your first box free and your second half price, courtesy of me ! I very much like their nutrition philosophy at Graze, you should check them out.

AND I also made the crystallised ginger !

Had to leave it to cool completely overnight. I reckon it still needs more time. Soon I’m going to coat it in dark chocolate. I’m so bad ! (But not really because ginger helps digestion and dark chocolate contains antioxidants and raises your serotonin levels, which, what with this harsh November weather, I am definitely going to need.)

Ciao x

(Tommy helped with the ginger photos. Check out his stuff.)

(Learn how to make candied ginger)


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