Avocado, how I love you

These beauteous, nutritious and delicious Mexican fruits are without a doubt my most favourite food at the moment. Okay so there are about 300 calories in a whole avocado (which I have been known frequently to consume in one sitting), and about 30 grams of fat (eek!) but studies have shown that the avocado is actually incredibly beneficial to weight loss programs.

Reasons why one avocado is better than your dinner:

It contains about 4g of protein

It contains healthy mono-unsaturated fats (which apparently speed up metabolic rate AND reduce cholesterol)

It has the vitamins and minerals of green vegetables including vitamin E and C, folic acid and vitamin K (among many more I am sure, look it up)

It is high fibre and low carb (what an angel) which helps regulate your digestion and blood sugar = good post-meal satiation = less sugar cravings throughout the day

It apparently helps your body to absorb more of the antioxidants in carrots and spinach if eaten together (so go make a frickin’ salad !).

So when you weigh up the pros 300 calories isn’t really that much, especially considering you can just whack it on a piece of brown bread with some salt and pepper and BAM, super tasty lunch.

Scoop my tasty, tasty brains !

But you can’t always eat a whole one because all the healthy fats and protein make it very filling. So what happens when you put half an avo on your sandwich, then are left with the other half that is just too damn tasty to throw away, but that goes brown faster than you can say ‘guacamole!’ ?


Creamy avocado pasta (how can you not love something that has the word ‘creamy’ in its title ?!)

Serves 1


½ medium avocado (or 1 whole, depending on how obsessed you currently are with avocados…ahem)

1 clove of garlic

Lemon juice

Tsp of olive oil

(God, I’m actually eating this dish as I’m typing this, food baby CENTRAL I’m eating it so fast it’s that good.)

Fresh basil

Salt and pepper, bit of oregano

Cheese (parmesan, mature cheddar, optional)

Brown pasta
(you can use white but tsh, shame on you) – I actually used Blue Dragon wholemeal noodles for this and it was really yummy; linguine or spaghetti would be awesome, or any other kind of pasta, but slurpy pasta is always fun.


Put the pasta on to cook as you like.

Put the sliced avocado, garlic, torn basil, salt, pepper, oil and lemon juice into a tall jug (to avoid av0-splash-back. This is a commonly used noun. Or least it should be.)

I recommend crushing the garlic before you blend, to avoid great hunks of garlic in your meal. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Blend it.

Yeah, blend it.

Blend it good.

Drain pasta. Mix in avocado-y goodness. Grate cheese on top should you wish (go on, be a devil. Remember what we said about cheese ?).

Not actually as much cheese as it looks, promise...

I am literally licking the freaking PLATE.

Nutritional values per serving, noodles and all, PLUS 15g grated cheddar (sauce made using half an avo): 413 calories, 22g fat, of which saturates 6.3g. (If served without cheese minus 60 cal, 5g fat, 3.2g sat fat.)

I KNOW 22 grams of fat sounds like a bucketful but remember all the beautiful nutritional facts about the good stuff in avocados means that you’ll feel satisfied for longer/fight cancer/absorb more vitamins/speed up your metabolism/reduce your cholesterol just by eating them. And to be honest, even if you ate 22g of fat in EVERY one of your daily meals (that’s some hefty bowl of porridge ya got there) you would still only amount to 66g a day, which is under the RDA of 70g for women, providing you snack wisely.

Phew. Feeling full.

Amy x

(p.s. this recipe is dotted around various places on the internet, I didn’t make it up. Just adapted it. When I first made it I didn’t have any basil due to what has been and which will from now on be referred to as The Basil Tragedy, so I stuck in some oregano and balsamic vinegar, just a tiny dash, and it was really tasty. Add what you will – I steamed some broccoli once and dry roasted some tomatoes to mix in. Heaven. Creamy Mexican/Italian heaven.)

(A present for KP xxx)


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