Things I am going to put ginger in

Let me detail for you a few happenings that led me on a journey. A long and arduous journey, through much trial and trepidation, to this pursuit. (Well, I’m just being poetic now.) They said I couldn’t do it, they said it wasn’t possible, but I’ll show them, I will !

On Thursday night a few of my friends and I went to the ENO to see The Marriage of Figaro (what we saw isn’t relevant, I just want everyone to know how cultured I am). Post-opera, our fancies tickled and our intellects roused, we decided that all the red wine, organic cherry-flavoured beer and deeply intelligent conversation had rendered us all a little peckish. So on arrival at Victoria station, we all scattered in the directions of our various chosen food outlets. Amongst our choices were Burger King, Upper Crust and The Sweet Express, all with their delightful, delicious array of quick snacks of suspect nutritional value. I however could not feel the least bit tempted by a dilapidated baguette (although Upper Crust’s mozzarella and tomato one is pretty good – probably because there is also basil in it; I don’t think I need to re-outline my thoughts on basil by now – but goodness knows you will EVER catch me eating white carbs at midnight in a train station, unless I’m really, really drunk. In which case bring the lot, is that it I SAID THE LOT) let alone a flappy old burger, so I made my little old way to a (HIDEOUSLY OVER-PRICED) convenience store supermarket-type-thing.

Thus began my first challenge. I figured out the feta salad, reflected upon the roasted vegetable wrap; I studied the cereal bars, pawed the pomegranate seed punnet and mulled over the mango pieces until I found this.

Beetroot juice !

What on earth possessed me to buy beetroot juice, you ask ? I wonder this too. I’ve never had it. I don’t know what it tastes like. I’ve eaten beets before (they’re utterly FANTASTIC in crusty brown bread with hummus and rocket) but have to admit that I have never once in my years suckled its sweet nectar.

So naturally I looked up the nutritional properties of beetroot and its juice (I didn’t end up drinking it on the train – hours of standing in heels, an incredibly crowded last train and eager conversation made me feel too sick and dizzy to consider it. Also maybe the cherry beer went to my head) and it turns out that beetroot is a superfood ! (Okay, I KNOW the term “superfood” is a marketing tool and probably not much else, scientifically speaking, but know that when I use it I mean a SUPER HEALTHY FOOD OF RAPTUROUS PROPORTIONS.)

Here is some illustrative science for you: the nitrates in beet juice = reduction in oxygen uptake = exercise feels less tiring.

NO FREAKIN WAY. Godsend ?!

On Mondays and Tuesdays I take on the dreary and wearisome task of walking the 3 miles that separate my house from my university. I will definitely be consuming this juice for breakfast on those days next week for a supercharged beet-fuelled power walk. I have visions of a Wonder Woman-esque muscle march, smoke billowing from my heels, though something tells me this might not happen. Sigh, I can dream…

Wonder Woman loves beets too

So whilst on my beetroot search I stumbled across, and was subsequently inspired by this blog, specifically the post about beets and the little picture with the caption: “In my garden today: beetroot, banana and ginger smoothies.” WHY CAN’T I FIND THE RECIPE FOR THIS, on the blog or anywhere on the internet ? You’re telling me that the internet has 2 Girls, One Cup and Stuff on my Cat but it can’t tell me how to make a beet smoothie.

Well this is how I’m going to make it: by blending a banana, the little bottle of beetroot juice, a teaspoon of ginger and half a pot of soy yoghurt, which should serve me for 2 breakfasts. Bam.

Wait… wasn’t this supposed to be a post about ginger ? I did warn you the journey would be arduous.

So we were at the opera… Victoria station… beetroot juice… beet, banana and ginger smoothie… Wonder Woman… oh yes, I remember now. This means that I will buy fresh ginger; a sizeable chunk despite my efforts to find the smallest piece possible in the supermarket. Then I will have ginger in my fridge after using but a mere teaspoon for the smoothie. What will I do with all this excess ginger ?  Ginger stimulates healthy digestion (speeding up the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine, according to The Healthy Living, amongst other web sources) so it would be beneficial to get the most out of this tasty tuber.

I often use it in stir-fry, but I’m not having stir-fry next week.

Can I put ginger in oatmeal ? All I found when I Googled ‘ginger oatmeal’ were cookie recipes (sorry, but no). I think heating some grated ginger in your milk before adding oats would make for tasty porridge, maybe with some cardamom… I might try this anyway (watch this space, it might suck, which would be funny).

A lot of ginger chicken dishes popped up too in my search, which just isn’t going to happen.

I did find a ginger apple honey smoothie, which is just all those things with water to thin. Blend it up good. Going to make that for breakfast next week.

I also used to make a cool smoothie recipe I came across that involves papaya, pear, tinned peaches, mint and ginger. That was pretty tasty.

I could also make ginger tea – just boil some slices of fresh ginger root in some water and add honey and lemon to taste. Drink after meals to aid digestion and avoid bloating and digestive discomfort (sexy).

Or I might just be a total swine and candy it. Here is a method that I found. Could be a cute little treat snack to have lying around, or to put in oat bread next time I make it… it’s likely to improve my weird ginger oatmeal idea too.

We shall see.

Love and sweet things,

Amy x


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