What I ate last week pt. 2, and my thoughts on apples…

Mum brought me a massive bag of apples when she and Dad came to visit today. I go on and off apples; I’ve been eating them all my freakin life, I go to the apple basket in the supermarket like I’m on auto-pilot, and sometimes when I’m about to eat one I just feel like, “Ugh, another apple ?” But then sometimes all I want is to sink my teeth into a big, fat, juicy Gala (they’re my favourite). It comes and goes, peaks and troughs, my apple love affair.

But right now I’m having an apple abstinence. A rough patch, if you will. So I decided to look up the various ways in which I could make use of the delightful fruits save for just, well, eating them. Some ideas sprang to mind immediately; pie, crumble, chutney, even Waldorf…

But apple cheddar mash ?

I’ve got to be honest with you, my eyes were drawn almost instantly to the word ‘cheddar.’ (Can you blame me ?) I had planned to bake a few potatoes for dinners this week, but I think I may have to make this instead ! Good old traditional (veggie) sausages and mash. I feel warmer already. I’m definitely going to try this recipe out in the very near future. Thank you, Cinnamon Girl.

I think the possibilities of apples are often overlooked, what with their being such a staple presence in the British household. People get used to just grabbing one out of the fruit bowl on the way past. Do you think, for example, that many people are aware of the delectability that is simply apple and mature cheddar ? I’m not by any means claiming to have discovered this, and cheese afficionados will balk in response to me even daring to suggest that such a thing may be unheard of for some people, but maybe it is ? We must waste no time in uniting to raise awareness of cheese and apple, in the name of all that is delicious !

You may remember 100 Things to Do with a Banana in Banana “Ice-cream.” Well, take a look at what else I found. I literally can hardly contain my excitement.

Anyway, I’m doing this thing again. Take a look, if you will:

I was taken out to lunch and had the most amazing watercress salad with ricotta, beets, asparagus, artichokes and pumpkin seeds. (See it in the drawing, bottom right, giant squiggly thing.) I’m definitely going to try and recreate it.

I also had an ice-cream sundae, which did nothing for my health but absolute wonders for my soul. Although I did cringe a bit when my pen shamefully outlined its bounteous curves on the paper. But it was quality time with the ‘rents in an American Diner on the Brighton seafront, Johnny Cash was playing, everything was right in the world, and I don’t really feel one bit guilty.

Sleep well

Amy x


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