Banana “Ice-cream”

Do you want to know the most amazing thing about this recipe ?

The most amazing thing about this recipe is that it consists entirely of banana.



“How can I harness these powers for myself ?!” I hear you wail.

Well. This is how:


Get some bananas (good for when they start to go brown and you have too many to finish all at once – you don’t have to give in to stodge and bake ANOTHER batch of banana bread, exquisite though it is for the taste buds, not so much for the food baby, or often the wallet…)

Chop them up

Put them in a dish in the freezer for about a day

Take them out. They should be totally frozen

Blast them in a food processor. Yeah, awesome !


ABSOLUTE JOY. They turn into something that greatly resembles ice-cream in look, taste and texture. Okay, so it’s more like a sorbet. But due to the creamy nature of bananas when you blend them, you can definitely pretend it’s ice-cream. Wink.

At this point you can either be really angelic, and refreeze for whenever you fancy ice-cream but not so much any more girth to your love handles. Or you can add other ice-creamy items before you stick it back in the freezer to re-solidify. Items such as:

Nuts (macadamias, almonds, hazelnuts)

Peanut butter

Dried fruit (cranberries, strawberries, cherries, apple etc. These are my favourites of all the fruit that is dried)

Fresh fruit

Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower)

Chocolate (syrup, chips, powder)



Cookie dough


The list goes on. Bam, super-quick, tasty, junk-food-craving-busting dessert or snack that you can make as healthy or as unhealthy as you like, but is always going to be kinder to your waistline than real ice-cream (that’s why I put dark chocolate in my last batch).

Bananas are a perfect source of slow-release energy so you can stay chipper for longer between scoffs. They are also a source of resistant starch, which means good satiety levels after eating (less temptation to eat cake!). The potassium in them also apparently helps to control stress. Stress, if you’re like me, can lead to a phenomenon I have come to unimaginatively dub “Stress Eating.” Now I can eat ice-cream to drown my sorrows, BUT IT’S NOT FATTENING. YES. Everybody wins.

And because it’s based entirely on banana…


(It’s really tasty with porridge.)

There is NO LIMIT to my excitement for this !

More banana-related amazement.


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