Easy Tofu Marinade

Happy 5th November !

I was going to make tofu stir-fry with red peppers and noodles for lunch but I just felt like that wasn’t, y’know, BEEFY enough. I mean, not literally beefy but like, filling, substantial, hench, chunky… you get the idea.

So I did what I seem to be doing a lot of at the moment: looking up recipes off the bat, but I had a specific ingredient in mind other than tofu: peanut butter. I’ve come across tofu peanut butter recipes before but never bothered to make them, but I just had a total craving for it today. It’s so comforting and warm and yummy, which I think is very fitting considering I will be spending the most part of my afternoon onwards at the fireworks tonight in Lewes !

This is what I found. As I’ve said before, I just love it so much when you look up a recipe ingredients list and you can just make it right there and then without even having to step foot outside your house if you don’t want to. (Yes, I went for another run, it ain’t getting easier yet but I still hold out some hope that I’ll be able to get back into the swing of it someday…)

Again, I’ve adapted the recipe for one and for what I had in the cupboard. I also work in a very slapdash, “chuck a bit of this in” manner, which you may already have noticed, or are yet to find out that recipe measurements in this blog are incredibly vague !

This is what I did:

You need:

As much tofu as you have/want to eat. I had about 100g

Low-fat peanut butter

Soy sauce

Olive/vegetable oil


Maple syrup (I used honey)

Ginger (I didn’t have any, sadly)


Boiling water



Grab a small bowl. Fill it about 1centimetre high with boiling water.

Add 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter (I used smooth) and mix in.

Splash in a bit of soy sauce (how much depends on how much you like it), vinegar, about a teaspoon of honey and a sprinkle or 2 of pepper. Keep stirring. Chuck in a small clove or half a clove of crushed garlic and ginger if you have it. Microwave it all for about 30 seconds if the peanut butter is cloying.

Slice up your tofu as you like it. Place in the marinade and turn until all tofu is covered.

Marinade in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Place in a baking dish and bake at 180 degrees for 25 – 30 mins.

Serve with noodles or in a tortilla wrap. I’m gonna stick my red peppers in the baking dish with the tofu and put it all in a wholemeal wrap. MIAM.

Calories per serving (when reduced fat PB is used; not incl. pepper and wrap/noodles): 288; fat: 17.3g; of which saturates: 4g

Love from Amy (double-post extraordinaire) x


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