The Basil Tragedy

As mentioned in What I ate last week pt. 1, I am apparently unable to sustain life in one of its simplest forms – basil shoots. I planted the seeds myself, and I watered them when the soil got dry, it was all going so well until the roots hit the bottom of this dinky little dish and I was too lazy to get more soil and a bigger pot. Then they started dying and my excitement at having nurtured a living organism quickly turned to disdain. The inhumanity, I know !

Here are the tragic remains of my once-prosperous basil garden:


I bought some new basil from the shop, ready-grown by clever people who probably have dogs and cats and babies and spouses that they manage to keep alive for weeks, months, maybe even years on end. How do they do it ?!

I will be using this basil to make Creamy Avocado Pasta (watch this space); I will also definitely be putting it with some cheese and into my mouth in the near future, if I can keep it alive for more than a few days, AND if I can keep myself from shoving my face into the middle of the plant to take in long, perfume-y breaths of sweet basil fragrance for long enough to actually make a frickin’ sandwich…

So anyway this is what I’m going to eat for the rest of this week:


Smoothie (half a mango, a banana and some coconut water)/half a wholemeal bagel, 20g mature cheddar, tomato, basil/ 80g lentils with vegetable sauce (chopped tomatoes, garlic, onion, courgette, and kidney beans)


Smoothie (quarter mango, plum, half a banana)/parsnip and butternut squash soup and wholemeal pitta bread/stir-fried carrot, half a red pepper, half an onion and 100g of tofu with wholewheat noodles and soy sauce


Smoothie (quarter mango, plum, half a banana)/ parsnip and butternut squash soup and wholemeal pitta bread/vegetable sauce, Quorn pieces, cup of wholewheat pasta, 20g mature cheddar

I am also going to go for a few runs and do some more yoga. Though I’m already aching from earlier…

(all photography by Tom Burton)


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